Wireless Internet Service Providers

Supercharge your network

Maximize signal distribution - eliminate in-home installation - increase revenue.

Osmosis defeats line of sight challenges to add new customers to existing networks.

What We Do

Osmosis-enabled equipment expands reach of existing network by redistributing signal solving existing line of sight issues.

Osmosis Manager provides bandwidth management and billing capabilities not previously possible.

Osmosis creates an unlimited, distributed mesh network that routes any form of data through all available paths, even without internet.

Decentralized and distributed network product offerings add value to customers and new revenue opportunities.

How We Do It

Capture and Distribute Existing Signal - Osmosis-enabled equipment broadcasts signal past line of sight obstacles into more homes or businesses.

Customer 3-Step Self Install- Plug in Osmosis-enabled router, set SSID and password and connect online.

Rapid WISP Customer Acquisition - Self-install adds new customers by mail at the speed market demand.

Manage Users Beyond Line of Sight - Osmosis Manager manages end user bandwidth and billing beyond existing network line of sight.

WISP CPE to Home Mesh no background

Osmosis Manager

  • Bandwidth management and billing ability for connected devices
  • Single pane view monitors and manages entire network
  • Equipment agnostic toolset
  • Real-time network mapping and health monitoring
  • Proactive performance management provides early intervention options to limit customer impact.

Position for the Future

Osmosis off-grid functionality supports expanded WiFi product offerings, smart city initiatives, connected anchor institutions, tele-education, and telemedicine adding future value to the network.

By creating a stand-alone, decentralized, off-grid network, Osmosis-enabled equipment connects people with functionality that exists when networks are bogged down or have no internet access.

The connectivity universe is expanding and technology gaps are growing as the decentralized environment of Web 3.0 is rapidly evolving.

We transcend communications barriers by creating a secure, self-sustaining network superstructure that provides a blanket of connectivity available to all.


Osmosis in Action

Osmosis-enabled devices provide a cost effective way to increase your bottom line, reduce per client expense and create an ecosystem of new infrastructure designed to support the future.

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