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Revolutionary Network Transformation - We are at the forefront of transforming network architecture by combining advanced communication equipment with revolutionary software.  Through Osmosis integrations, providers benefit from rapid deployment as devices seamlessly auto-discover and auto-configure within a dynamic, infinitely scalable, non-traditional mesh.  This unique design enhances network resilience and stability as devices actively share backhaul, self-architect and self-heal.  Osmosis addresses the constraints of traditional network architecture by introducing  both on and off-grid communications pathways to meet the escalating exponential demands for data. 

Connectivity for the Unconnected - Our solutions are designed to benefit organizations, communities, and individuals everywhere.

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Osmosis, a cutting-edge software technology, plays a pivotal role in transforming network architecture. It facilitates rapid deployment and connectivity within a fully secure, unlimited, and indestructible mesh communications network. This innovative solution helps bridges the digital divide, delivering new ways to connect users.

Value of Osmosis

Powerful Solutions Solving Real Customer Problems

The features of Osmosis-enabled equipment provide transformative connectivity opportunities for networks and providers.

Defeat Line of Sight

Solutions for Line of Sight Challenges

Aggregate users with innovative solutions

Network Management

Innovative Fixed Wireless Broadband Network Architecture

Share fixed wireless and fiber backhaul ensuring greater resiliency with redundant fail-over


Easy Setup & Installation

Easy Network Installation and Setup

Equipment auto-configures, automatically establishing network connectivity meaning less time for technicians and more rapid deployments
Manufacture and Equipment Agnostic

Manufacturer and Equipment Agnostic

Osmosis enhances communications equipment with capabilities that strengthen networks and open new connectivity options
RF Spectrum Agnostic

Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum Agnostic

Osmosis efficiently routes data across any available network path
Create Offline, Off-Grid Intranets

Offline and Off-Grid Intranets

Network functionality, with or without internet

Strategic Partners

Broadband Consortium Pacific Coast
Connecting Alaska Consortium

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