About Us

We are Wind Talker Innovations (WTI), a forward-thinking business team with over 100 years of collective experience building critical communication networks. Our acquired knowledge in this sector has driven us to develop the next generation of networked connectivity: Osmosis.

WTI is a pioneering technology company, founded in 2016 to pursue our vision of using existing network equipment and architecture in unconventional ways to provide data communications around the globe safely and securely. With offices in Alaska, Washington, and Florida, we are growing rapidly with new funding, expert personnel, and accelerating technology development. WTI currently has over 200 approved patent claims that make up our secret sauce.

If you are looking to invest your resources into a revolutionary connectivity solution that will change the communications landscape for decades to come, then please contact us to discuss partnerships or investments. If you are interested in a career with a staggeringly bright future, then please get in touch with us about our myriad hiring opportunities.

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