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Innovators From the Start

Founded in 2016, Wind Talker Innovations pioneered a new software technology solution to enhance network connectivity and functionality.

We are dedicated to eliminating connectivity barriers to aid in connecting the unconnected and delivering solutions that change how the world thinks about data communications.

We are a passionate group of people with over 100 years of collective experience who proudly support our people with clear values, putting our team members and clients first.

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Osmosis is the Solution

When integrated within any wireless or wired OEM hardware, Osmosis creates a secure, unlimited mesh network superstructure that routes data in the most efficient manner through any available path, functioning even when off-grid. The Osmosis network can connect users and communities through intranet and decentralized application tools to their critical societal support networks and anchor institutions.

Osmosis expands our client and partner's current offerings.  It utilizes features including automatic configuration allowing equipment to immediately join the network allowing rapid deployments while providing network stability through its self-healing architecture. Osmosis is equipment and spectrum agnostic providing solutions to network providers, system integrators, OEMs, anchor institutions/public safety, smart cities and local government, military, tele-education, tele-medicine and more.

Our Core Values

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Our Core Values


Taking calculated risks and pushing boundaries, we seek to equip the world with secure connectivity. With uncompromising dedication, passion, and skill, we constantly engage challenges in pursuit of an improved user experience.


Always working towards excellence, we learn better ways to achieve new standards of quality. We strive for solutions that elevate the experience of our products, processes, people, and relationships.

Core Values


Recognizing the value of our people, we develop fearless leaders capable of making decisions, speaking up, and being heard. We each bring strengths and are collectively responsible for our organization's success.

Collaboration & Diversity

Respecting diversity and providing a safe experience for everyone, together our entire team excels. We seek new and unique perspectives, welcoming all.

Collaboration is Key to Success

Let us share how our revolutionary technology can enhance your solution and contribute to changing the communications landscape for the future.

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