Innovative Software Technology Expands Equipment Capabilities

Osmosis, a robust software routing algorithm integrated with OEM hardware, yields various advantages. Its auto-configuration seamlessly incorporates equipment into networks, establishing an infinite mesh network that is self-architecting and self-healing. This setup maximizes data transfer efficiency, promotes network resiliency, and opens up diverse application possibilities.

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Past, Present, and Future
Distributed, Decentralized

More Powerful Networks

Current infrastructure and data transfer is limited in its capacity, flexibility, resiliency and security. IP traffic is forced through a DNS structure with data paths  equivalent to “highways” that all lead up to servers like “round-a-bouts” and the further you go up, the more the traffic gets congested. Imagine being stuck in traffic on the highway and not being able to choose a different, faster route that you know is clear. What if you weren't tethered to an individual road and could take the most efficient, fastest, safest, or the most cost effective path? Welcome to Osmosis!

Osmosis® is a patented complex software routing algorithm.  It produces an additional completely decentralized communication network that functions independent of and in addition to the internet.  It fuels the decentralized internet of Web 3.0 and support decentralized applications (dApps). This superstructure network supports use of voice, data, video and other content delivery bound only by the speed limitations of connected equipment even when no internet access exists. It is self-architecting, self-healing, load-balancing and its multi-spectral distribution of data and creates edge communications at each device layer, identifying the most efficient pathways to pass data eliminating bottlenecks, increasing speeds while secure and resilient.

DNS vs Osmosis


Osmosis Enabling the Future of Connectivity

Expanding the Edge

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Smart Cities


CTU Tribal Initiatives

Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Ad Hoc Communication

Ad Hoc Communication

Tactical Applications

Tactical Applications

Osmosis in Action

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