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Osmosis® Mesh Network to Transform Communications
March 12, 2020

Osmosis® Mesh Network to Transform Communications

WTI’s global peer-to-peer network creates a communications superstructure independent of traditional internet or cellular infrastructure.

By: Mathew Perdew, Chief Executive Officer, Wind Talker Innovations, Inc.

The era of ubiquitous broadband connectivity is nearly upon us. Recent improvements in network performance have dramatically improved the existing telecom landscape increasing reach and capacity, but we continue to face a future for which we are unprepared.

Consumer expectations are advancing faster than current network technology can evolve, with dreams of in-home Wi-Fi speeds on the go and mobile delivery of hi-def and 4K video still unrealized for millions. Travelers rank in-flight connectivity at the top of their list of priorities but rank their actual experience at the lowest levels of satisfaction. And the gap between the needs of our evolving data-rich society will only widen as autonomous vehicles take to the road, fleets of drones take to the air, and AI-driven IoT systems come online.

Whether it is the growth of smart city infrastructure, expansion of big data computing in business and research, or automation of commerce and supply chain logistics, our future depends on a massive, resilient and secure web of connectivity to facilitate social, educational, economic and mission-critical objectives.

This competition for bandwidth and demand for a data-rich communications landscape,while frustrating to private or commercial users, profoundly impacts public sector. Our national security interests depend on advancing network performance, especially in the field where connectivity directly impacts combat readiness, troop effectiveness, our ability to respond to natural disasters and environmental emergencies, or first responders’ response to public safety threats. When lives are on the line, network performance can NOT be compromised.

At Wind Talker Innovations, Inc.(WTI), we are working to deploy a new network architecture solution that delivers ubiquitous, carrier agnostic connectivity. Osmosis is a software-driven solution that brings true resilience, inherent security, and multiple protocol integration to any radio-enabled device in order to meet the pressing needs of people, business and government.

This platform-and spectrum-agnostic mesh network will reach beyond existing communications barriers enabling and accelerating 5G deployment, reducing infrastructure needs and costs, and offering new performance factors that will change the way we live, work, do business, and manage battle spaces.

Osmosis operates exclusively at the IP layer, and is designed to integrate with all existing network systems and standards. The network operates as an invisible back-end architecture that will enhance functionality and provide new levels of capability. Whether data moves on fiber lines or over the air, Osmosis constantly assesses quality of service to ensure effective, least cost routing and greater speed with lower latency and drastic CapEx and OpEx savings for network operators of any and every type.

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