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Wind Talker Innovations Addresses the Ukraine Crisis
April 4, 2022

Wind Talker Innovations Addresses the Ukraine Crisis

The Wind Talker Innovations team is closely monitoring the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Wind Talker Innovations stands in solidarity with the countless families that have been displaced by the conflict – many now separated by an emergency call to service of most males, as women, children and the elderly seek amnesty if they are able to flee.


As the refugee crisis unfolds, Wind Talker will continue to seek ways to leverage our technology, resources and voice to support Ukraine and the millions of Ukrainian refugees as they try to locate and reconnect with their relatives, friends and loved ones. Just last Fall, Osmosis-enabled nodes helped Afghan refugees at Camp Upshur in Quantico, and we’d be honored to assist displaced Ukrainians if an opportunity arises. We believe that it’s not only our corporate social responsibility to aid in efforts consistent with our mission and values, but is undoubtedly consistent with the empathy and consideration we show each other.

We’ll continue to evaluate the situation and communicate as more information comes. Together, we are the network.


Wind Talker Innovations

Founded in 2016, Wind Talker Innovations develops technologies that enable safe and secure data communications around the globe. With countless years of collective experience developing and deploying critical communication networks for both government and military use, Wind Talker Innovations is rapidly changing how the world thinks about data communications. Their mission is to enable and accelerate future generations of network connectivity in a safe and secure way, no matter where you are on the globe. They currently have offices in Florida, Alaska and Washington with over 200 approved patent claims upholding their domain.


Osmosis is a revolutionary software solution that forges a world of infinite connections by extending and enhancing the potential of current networks with greater security, efficiency and freedom from protocol or spectrum barriers. Osmosis’s multi-spectral capabilities help to bridge disparate devices together through software without having to divide hardware, making it easier and more secure to connect devices to enable the 5G era and beyond. Osmosis-enabled devices can engage with a greater number of connections to form reliable new mesh architectures, improving a variety of conditions from autonomous vehicle safety to extended rural coverage.

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