Wind Talker Innovations Honors its Military Roots This Veterans Day


November 2021- Wind Talker Innovations is happy to celebrate Veterans Day this year by reflecting on its military roots.

Veterans founded Wind Talker to pursue the vision of using existing network equipment and architecture in unconventional ways to provide data communications around the globe safely and securely to help eliminate communications gaps. The road to bridging the digital divide was in part fueled by the drive of Wind Talker Co-Founder and CTO, Ryan Luther. His passion for connectivity and cybersecurity stem from his own military experiences with the growing importance of communications technology.

Founded in 2016, Wind Talker pioneered a new approach to network connectivity and has proudly relied on skilled veterans to create an innovative organization. Wind Talker’s visionary solution, Osmosis®, uses existing network architecture in unconventional ways to provide secure data communications around the world. Through deployment of the company’s flagship product suite, Wind Talker is helping partners, including our Armed Forces, to deliver seamless connectivity to more users than ever.

Wind Talker Innovations would like to honor its commitment to veterans by sending acknowledgement and thanks to veterans worldwide, including the talent within the company itself. The team currently has well over a dozen protected veterans from every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and continues to partner with DoD efforts on a continual basis.

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