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Wind Talker Innovations Advances in Army xTech SBIR Technology Event
November 11, 2020

Wind Talker Innovations Advances in Army xTech SBIR Technology Event

Wind Talker Innovations (WTI) has been selected to advance to the next stage of the Army’s xTech Small Business Innovation Research Direct to Phase II Technology Event, marking an exciting achievement in a fiercely competitive landscape that could ultimately result in a SBIR award of up to $1.67 million.

Army xTech SBIR D2PhII Technology event is part of xTechSearch, a general competition sponsored by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology to tackle the Army’s most critical modernization challenges. More specifically, the SBIR Technology Event provides a forum in which like-minded and innovative small businesses can come together to collaborate with the Army, compete for prize money/SBIR awards, and engage with each other.

WTI’s topic area is defined as “Advanced Real Time Global High-Resolution Environmental Information to Support Multi-Domain Operations”, with the desired end product of Phase II being “to have one or more technically feasible technologies operating as functional prototype(s) during DoD-sanctioned exercises in order to provide operational testing and data collection on the cyber security, usability and effectiveness of prototype(s).”

Next up, WTI will present their technology solution live to a panel of Army subject matter experts, which will include a Q&A session. Up to 4 contestants will be selected as winners and awarded a $30,000 cash prize and will also be invited to submit an Army SBIR Direct to Phase II proposal, with the ultimate goal of accelerating the development and deployment of technology prototypes that can fill crucial Army capability gaps. Winners of this stage will compete for an SBIR award of up to $1.67 million.

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