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Wind Talker Innovations® 5th Anniversary
August 16, 2021

Wind Talker Innovations® 5th Anniversary

August 16, 2021 Anchorage, AK This month, Wind Talker Innovations® celebrates the milestone 5th anniversary of its founding. Wind Talker has expanded rapidly in this time, with remote teams alongside offices in Alaska, Washington and Florida. With recent funding, expert personnel and accelerated technological developments, the organization is thrilled to share their latest updates.

Headed by Matt Perdew, Co-Founder and CEO, and Ryan Luther, Co-Founder and CTO, the executive team has extensive experience building critical communication networks. Over 200 approved patent claims and expertise across the organization have allowed the company to quickly gain a competitive edge in the telecommunications space.

In 2016, Wind Talker pioneered a new approach to network connectivity. Their visionary solution, Osmosis®, uses existing network architecture in unconventional ways to provide secure data communications around the world. Through deployment of the company’s flagship product suite, Wind Talker is helping partners deliver seamless connectivity to more users than ever.

On behalf of the leadership team, we are truly grateful to each person who gave time, effort and bold ideas to bring us to this 5th Anniversary,” said Matt Perdew, CEO, in a letter to employees. Eliminating the connectivity barriers of today and tomorrow brings opportunity to users at every level, and we trust the extraordinarily innovative people behind the Wind Talker name to make this a reality. We are confident that the next five years will yield continued victories for our company and users as we progress further towards bridging global communication gaps.

Wind Talker Innovations kicks off its celebrations with a web campaign highlighting the company’s commitment to connectivity throughout August. Wind Talker Innovations is looking to add dozens of new positions in the forthcoming months. Those interested in any open positions can view them here.

About Wind Talker Innovations

Founded in 2016, Wind Talker Innovations develops technologies that enable safe and secure data communications around the globe. With countless years of collective experience developing and deploying critical communication networks for both government and military use, Wind Talker Innovations is rapidly changing how the world thinks about data communications. Their mission is to enable and accelerate future generations of network connectivity in a safe and secure way, no matter where you are on the globe. They currently have offices in Alaska, Washington and Florida, with over 200 approved patent claims upholding their domain.

Osmosis is a revolutionary software solution that forges a world of infinite connections by enhancing the potential of current networks with greater security, efficiency and freedom from protocol or spectrum barriers. Osmosis-enabled networks offer users self-healing and off-grid communication, faster transmission speeds and peer-to-peer connectivity without backhaul.

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