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Wavesight and Wind Talker Innovations Announce Hardware Distribution Partnership
February 20, 2024

Wavesight and Wind Talker Innovations Announce Hardware Distribution Partnership



Wavesight and Wind Talker Innovations Announce Hardware Distribution Partnership to Bridge the Digital Divide in the US

London, UK and Lakeland, FL USA 20th February 2024.

Wavesight, a leading provider of advanced networking solutions, and Wind Talker Innovations, a prominent software technology company, are excited to announce their hardware distribution partnership designed to address the digital divide in the United States. This partnership builds on their project already underway to integrate Wind Talker’s proprietary Osmosis software as firmware to empower Wavesight communications devices with a range of unique networking features. The joint efforts of Wavesight and Wind Talker aim to harness their technological advancements to meet the escalating demand for reliable and affordable internet connectivity in both unserved and underserved areas. To this end, Wind Talker has taken on the role of Master Reseller, facilitating the distribution of Wavesight fixed wireless and other equipment in the US market through Reseller and other collaborative channels and partnerships.

One such partnership is a growing collaboration between Wind Talker and Tribal Ready, a Native American-owned-and-governed public benefit corporation, bringing together decades of expertise in communication network design and delivery. Beyond merely offering broadband access solutions, this united front is set to create a lasting impact on Tribal and other unserved and underserved communities, marking a substantial stride in the mission to bridge the digital divide.

Wavesight’s launch into the US market will include initial offerings from their extensive product catalogue including cutting-edge 6GHz PtP and PtMP solutions from their Scorpion and FireFly model ranges as well as both their top-of-the-line DragonFly series outdoor and indoor WiFi 6 Access Points and Hawk range of LTE U band eNodeBs and CPEs. Each offering meticulously designed to elevate connectivity standards, delivering more resilient and reliable high-speed internet access across various user environments.


“This partnership provides the opportunity to deploy Osmosis-enabled equipment with unique functionality and features to better assist network and service providers as they work to bring meaningful connectivity to all. Through relationships with partners like Wavesight and Tribal Ready, we will collaboratively develop solutions to meet the needs of Tribal as well as other unserved and underserved communities,” said Brandon Craig, CEO of Wind Talker Innovations.

Expressing his enthusiasm for this new partnership, David Saldanha, Managing Director of Wavesight, stated, "We are thrilled to be working with Wind Talker and their partners in the US. They share our vision of solving communications challenges working collaboratively with providers and others to develop solutions which extend connectivity and bridge the digital divide with our technology solutions. By combining our expertise and resources, we are confident that we will make a significant impact in improving access to broadband services and empowering communities across the nation."

“Tribal Ready is committed to bringing the best to Tribes. Our partners at Wind Talker share this vision. By joining forces, we are poised to make a lasting impact on unserved and underserved Tribal communities and other high-cost rural areas. In addition to providing access to broadband services, our aim is to unlock new opportunities for improved access to education, healthcare, economic growth, and protection of Tribal Sovereignty,” said Joe Valandra, CEO of Tribal Ready.

About Wind Talker Innovations, Inc. Wind Talker Innovations developed Osmosis, a revolutionary new spectrum agnostic software technology that enhances network connectivity and functionality. When integrated within OEM hardware, devices auto-discover, auto-configure in a self-architecting, self-healing, secure, unlimited, dynamic mesh network. Data is routed in the most efficient manner through any available path, functioning even when off-grid enabling providers to connect users and enable smart community connections to critical societal support networks and anchor institutions. Wind Talker is dedicated to delivering solutions that change how the world thinks about data communications. For more information about Wind Talker Innovations, visit

About Wavesight Limited. Wavesight is a leading provider of advanced networking solutions, specializing in wireless communication technologies. With a diverse portfolio of innovative products and services currently deployed in 30 countries with targeted expansion into the US marketplace. Wavesight is committed to bridging the digital divide and enabling reliable connectivity for communities around the world. Headquartered in the U.K, Wavesight has manufacturing operations in England, Spain, Israel, and India. For more information about Wavesight, visit

About Tribal Ready, PBC. Tribal Ready is a Native American-owned-and-governed public benefit corporation with decades of expertise and experience. Our mission is advancing Tribal Sovereignty to unleash the full power and potential of Native communities. Our vision is to do all we can to ensure that the broadband and necessary utilities reach every Native community and person. We are focused on supporting Native communities by providing resources and expertise. For more information about Tribal Ready, visit



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